Palette Generator is an online color scheme generator that allows you to create harmonious color schemes in seconds.

How to create a palette?

Down arrow key to generate a random palette.
Up arrow key to navigate to previous palette. (In this case, down key acts like a next button until you reach last randomly created palette.)
To lock / unlock a color use shift + color's number shown upper right corner (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).
When you are done with a palette, just copy the hex code section from address bar. You can also reload a palette by using a url like shown in the address bar.

Saving a palette? has a chrome extension for saving palettes. If you already installed it, use shift + space combination to save a palette.

Now, you can save palettes by pressing SHIFT + SPACE ok
1 ▢ 2 ▢ 3 ▢ 4 ▢ 5 ▢
Add to Chrome to save palettes
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lock / unlock: SHIFT + 12345